9 Surprising Hobbies That Will Make You Happier ...

If you've been feeling down lately, maybe looking into some hobbies that will make you happier is just the right thing for you. Engaging in pleasurable activities can reduce stress and improve your self-esteem, as well as your mental health. If you're not really into collecting coins or baking, you might want to consider a slightly broader perspective. Check out these 9 surprising hobbies that will make you happier and take your pick!

1. Maintain an Aquarium

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One of the best hobbies that will make you happier is maintaining an aquarium. It allows you to use your imagination to create a beautiful environment for your silent little pals and offers you the opportunity to connect with other fish enthusiasts. Most importantly, it has been proven that watching aquarium fish is great for relaxation, relieving stress and reducing blood pressure.

2. Organize Your Social Activities

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If you really want to catch up with your friends and let them help you relax every once in a while, then turn your planning activities into a full-time hobby. Get a notebook or download an app for it, and book your friends and family on β€œappointments,” so you never have to miss out on any social events or meetings.

3. Do Good Deeds

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I'm sure you're a good person that likes to help others. Why not make a hobby out of it? Make a plan to do a good deed every day – buy a nice meal for someone less fortunate than you, take the time to talk to a homeless person and find a way to bring a smile on their face, offer a small gift to a random person – you name it. Even the smallest gesture can make someone's day better - and you happier as well. Various studies, including one conducted by Harvard, have shown that doing good deeds can reduce stress levels, make you mentally tougher and improve your happiness overall.

4. Start Your Own Journal

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If you’re the quiet type, and you enjoy your comfort zone and peaceful time, a better hobby might include putting together your own journal, log or diary. Just jot down your thoughts of the day and include aspects such as what made you happy, challenging events you’ve overcome, or who you’d like to visit.

5. Get an Unusual Pet

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This might not be for everyone, but one of the hobbies that will make you happier is to adopt an unusual pet. Animals have been found to boost self-esteem, and an exotic, but harmless pet, might be just the thing to lighten up your life.

6. Pooktre Art

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Pooktre is a unique eco-friendly art that involves tree shaping, created and developed by Peter Cook. It uses living woody plants and trees, guiding their growth along a wired design pathway, in order to create art or various structures. The process takes time and requires patience, but it is incredibly fulfilling. Imagine sipping a cup of coffee sitting in your own living chair!

7. Egg Shell Carving

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Carving egg shells is another great hobby that can make you happier overall. The sheer concentration and attention to detail you have to invest in it will help you take your mind off of your daily worries and reduce stress. And when you finally finish a piece, the feeling of accomplishment you'll get will be absolutely awesome! And if you manage to even sell your work, I bet it will make you jump with joy!

8. Candle Making

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This is another rather elaborate hobby for those who don’t mind investing a little time and money in learning a skill that goes well past regular crafting. Candle making will require some special equipment and knowledge, but the end result will be incredibly satisfying.

9. Go Canyoning

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Canyoning is pretty challenging, indeed, but it is one of the most exciting hobbies that will make you happier. The adrenaline rushing through your veins, the breathtaking scenery and the fresh air will surely make you feel alive!

Some of these hobbies may be more challenging than others, but they all certainly have the power to bring you happiness and fulfillment. Which of them do you think you’d like to take up next?


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