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39 Stylish Examples of DIY Wall Art ...

By Lyndsie

DIY wall art is all the rage, because you can make your home look gorgeous without spending your paycheck at Anthropologie, Home Goods, or even IKEA. All you have to do is find something you like, and I guarantee you there's a hack or a DIY tutorial that will help you get exactly what you want. Whether you want to decorate the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen, there's some DIY wall art here for you – and don't forget to share your favorite hacks and tutorials as well!

1 Bedroom Polka Dots

Bedroom Polka DotsVia Cocos

This is great DIY wall art for a bedroom, whether it's for adults or kids. It's like a mobile, after a fashion, but easy to make with any number of materials.

2 Fun Scrabble Art

Fun Scrabble ArtVia Eleven Unique DIY Wall Art ...

If you're a wordsmith or if your family simply loves Scrabble, this piece is a must-have. You can spell out anything, and it looks so shabby chic!

3 DIY Wall Art from Toilet Paper Rolls

DIY Wall Art from Toilet Paper RollsVia DIY for Walls

Can you believe this is made out of toilet paper rolls? Start saving back your toilet paper and paper towel tubes!

4 Lit Art

Lit ArtVia Arts and Crafts

This is another must-have if you love books or literature. You can simply scrawl a passage from your favorite book or poem!

5 Paper and Mod Podge

Paper and Mod PodgeVia Paper Scraps Flower Wall Art ...

Mod podge is really just amazing. You can use any patterns or colors and create a bright, vibrant piece of wall art.

6 Life Size Photo Booth DIY Wall Art

Life Size Photo Booth DIY Wall ArtVia Disney-Inspired Crafts and Activities for ...

How lovely is this? I love that the photos are black and white, that's particularly classy.

7 Quotables

QuotablesVia 100 Creative DIY Wall Art ...

What's your favorite quote? With poster board, and stencils from magazines, books, newspapers, or anything else, you can display it proudly!

8 Paint Sample Wall Art

Paint Sample Wall ArtVia

It's hard to believe that something so pretty comes from paint chip samples. And it's all for free!

9 State Love

State LoveVia Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas ...

Showing love for your state is always fun, and pieces like this are hugely popular right now. Would you hang this?

10 Melted Crayon Canvases

Melted Crayon CanvasesVia College Gloss: DIY Wall Art: ...

Crayon art is way more sophisticated than it sounds. Isn't this gorgeous?

11 Alphabet Love

Alphabet LoveVia DIY Wall Art - Paper ...

Whether you buy the letters or make your own, this art is so easy to make. It's fresh, as well, and would make a great addition to your home.

12 String Art

String ArtVia Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas ...

This may take a while, but with practice, you can make anything out of string. Of course the color and the design are entirely up to you.

13 Pretty Bird Wall Art

Pretty Bird Wall ArtVia DIY Tutorial: DIY Wall Art ...

With some pages from your favorite book and black paper, you can easily recreate this. You can also create a silhouette of any figures you like, whether you go with birds, stars, or anything else.

14 Animal Art

Animal ArtVia 17 More DIY wall Art ...

See? Silhouettes are both popular and easy, plus they look amazing.

15 Pallet Art

Pallet ArtVia Picture frames as wall art ...

Wooden pallets are fantastic for DIY projects. You'll just need pallets and paints for a project like this.

16 Chevron and Flowers

Chevron and FlowersVia Wall Flower -Light Pink Dahlia ...

This looks so artsy, with just the right amount of kitsch! Do you work well with fabrics?

17 Concentric Circles on Wood

Concentric Circles on WoodVia The Bloomin' Couch: Easy DIY ...

This is a lovely natural project. It's ideal if you have a kind of country décor, or a green aesthetic.

18 Travel Love

Travel LoveVia 100 Creative DIY Wall Art ...

With this piece, you can showcase all the places you've traveled. This is especially great if you've traded all your maps for a GPS device.

19 Falling “Stars”

Falling “Stars”Via The Sweet Survival: DIY Gallery ...

Though this is made of dots, of course, it looks a lot like falling stars. It would be great for a kid's room, or even the living room.

20 Hand Print Happiness

Hand Print HappinessVia 25 Cute DIY Wall Art ...

If you have kids, this is an excellent way to showcase their little hands. How precious is this?

21 Photo Collage

Photo CollageVia lifestyle || home

If you can print your photos as canvases, you can easily recreate this art piece. It would work with any photos, and it's so pretty.

22 Circles, Circles, Circles

Circles, Circles, CirclesVia How to: Make DIY Colorful ...

Contact paper, construction paper, cardboard, poster board – you can make this with so many materials!

23 Colorful Wall Art

Colorful Wall ArtVia 25 Cute DIY Wall Art ...

This is so bright and vivid! You can get lots of your materials right from the dollar store, especially the toys that go on the canvases.

24 Abstract Wall Art

Abstract Wall ArtVia 40 x 40 Large Original ...

This is just stunning! It would be perfect for an edgy, modern aesthetic, but you can use any colors you like.

25 Chevron Art

Chevron ArtVia Pinterest Challenge: DIY Wall Art

I just love the colors and patterns in this. With the right stencils, it's amazingly easy.

26 Circular Brushing

Circular BrushingVia

This looks almost like spin art, and it's nearly as easy to do. Do you like more abstract art in your home?

27 Recycled Wall Art

Recycled Wall ArtVia DIY Home Décor | Online ...

This project consists of painting over art you already have. What could be easier?

28 Picture Frames

Picture FramesVia Good Ideas For You | ...

If you're a collector of picture frames, put them to good use! This looks so put together, but it's so effortless!

29 The Pop Bottle Project

The Pop Bottle ProjectVia For the Home

You've seen this on Pinterest, right? Just make sure it doesn't become a Pinterest fail!

30 Button Art

Button ArtVia H A N D M ...

All you crafters, if you have random buttons, stones, and things like that, make something like this! It's so unique!

31 Wall Collage

Wall CollageVia sweet dreams

Again, all you need are some magazines, newspapers, or other pictures. Use a quote in a living room, or something simple like this in your bedroom.

32 DIY Wall Plaque

DIY Wall PlaqueVia DIY wall art - Four ...

Something like this would definitely welcome people into your home. You can use leftover wood to make it a totally green project.

33 Branch Art

Branch ArtVia

If you're looking for something really natural and simple, this is your project. You can have a little tree right on the wall!

34 Painted Tree

Painted TreeVia Good Ideas For You | ...

You can also use assorted paints to create a tree. Puff paints would work well here.

35 More Pallet Art

More Pallet ArtVia Easy DIY Wall Art | ...

This is just so sweet. What would you write on your pallet?

36 Plastic Spoon Sunburst

Plastic Spoon SunburstVia Making-SpoonSunburst

Can you believe this is made from plastic spoons? Start saving utensils from all your fast food runs!

37 Wall Constellations

Wall ConstellationsVia DIY Wall Art: 10 Fun ...

If you love the stars or have a budding astronomer, forget those glow-in-the-dark stars you can buy. This is all you need!

38 Yarn Banner

Yarn BannerVia DIY Yarn Banners

Got yarn? Then you can easily make this project in one day!

39 Scrapbook Paper Art

Scrapbook Paper ArtVia Making Wall Art out of ...

I can't believe this uses scrap paper. This is gorgeous, and it looks so expensive!

With the right materials and a little patience, you can make your own art so easily. If you could recreate one thing, what would it be?

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