7 Simple DIY Wedding Centerpieces ...

Weddings are incredibly expensive; making DIY wedding centerpieces is one of the quickest ways to cut costs. You may think that renting or buying already put together decor will save you time and be less expensive than buying each individual piece and putting them together yourself, but in most cases that is incorrect. While putting together my DIY wedding centerpieces, I attempted to rent glass vases from a rental company near me. I had 25 tables and the thought of having to buy 25 vases seemed ridiculous and pricey. By chance, my mom and I happened to stop into Hobby Lobby and found that their glass vases were each $1.50 cheaper to buy than it would have been to rent them from the company I had been looking into. If you have help (bridesmaids, friends, family) it takes a surprisingly little amount of time to throw these centerpieces together.

1. Photo Bouquet

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The best part about DIY wedding centerpieces is that you get to design something that shows off who you are. This is an extremely personal centerpiece and everyone will have fun looking at it and flocking to other tables to see what other pictures they can find. Attach photos to wooden skewers, cut to varying heights, and secure them inside a vase or other decorative holder. Use any accents you would like to make it seem more festive. I would strongly recommend using black and white or sepia colored photographs. If you have photos on a disk or flash drive, you can get them printed at stores, such as Walmart, for as little as 20 cents per photo. The dollar store sells several sizes of glass vases and if you talk to the manager about buying in bulk, they usually give you a great deal.

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