2. Knot Chain Bracelet

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A DIY project that I personally intend to try in the future when I can hunt down all the supplies is this chic knot chain bracelet. You can find similar bracelets in stores and online and they aren’t so affordable if you want to get your arm party on. Why drop cash on a bracelet that tons of other people have when you can make your very own!

2 pieces of 3 inch chain
1 yard of suede
Jewelry pliers
Jump Rings
Lobster Clasp

Cut rope in half and thread both pieces through the bottom link of the chain. Next, set up your workspace by taping the top of your chain, and bottom of one of the pieces of suede rope. Cross the rope on the right over the middle two pieces. Cross the left rope over the right one. Tricky step: Take the left piece and cross under the two middle pieces, and through the loop on the right side. Put the left and right side and create your first knot.

Next repeat the process starting on the left side, crossing the left side over the two middle pieces, cross the right rope over the left rope. Take the right piece and cross under the two middle pieces, and through the loop on the left side. Pull tight, continue the process for 2 inches. Thread the two middle pieces through your second piece of chain. Knot your rope to secure to the chain. Dab a bit of super glue on the knot to hold. Using your pliers connect the chain to the lobster clasp with your jump ring. Add 3 jump rings to the other end. Be sure to check out the site for step-by-step pics!

**Source: **ispydiy.com

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