Scissors at the Ready! It's Make Cut out Snowflakes Day ...


Of all the national holidays in December this is surely a fail! Who decided to make December 27th the day to cut out paper snowflakes?

Snowflakes are magical and associated with Christmas and its decorations, but do we want to cut out snowflakes two days after Christmas Day? Also, cutting out snowflakes is such a brilliant and fun craft for kids and a much beloved pre-Christmas activity for kindergarteners and juniors, but on December 27th there’s no school!

Of course, you can dismiss the argument and say cutting out snowflakes is fun at any time and there’s always the fact that you can save them for next year’s Christmas decorations! If you’re of this mindset, grab your scissors, grab your paper, and chop, cut and slash away. What’s one more snowflake garland when the house is strewn with them anyway?

If you’ve got nothing better to do on December 27th every year, have your own Make Cut Out Snowflakes Day.

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