7 Quick Home Improvement Ideas That Involve No Heavy Lifting ...

Home improvement ideas have been one of the hottest topics for me ever since I moved into my own place and experienced how it feels to have carte blanche in the interior decorating department. My poor husband, unfortunately, works more than any human should ever be allowed to, which means that any on-budget home improvement in our house needs to be executed by yours truly. And while I’m anything but a delicate flower, I must say heavy duty work isn’t my forte and that I much prefer easy home improvement ideas that allow me to keep all of my limbs and fingers. Know what I’m saying? Well, here are a few projects fit for us crafty but not particularly strong (or skilled) women:

1. Wall Decals

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One of the most brilliant, easy to do, fast home improvement ideas ever – wall stickers or decals will help you transform your home in just a few short hours! They’ll brighten up your living room, help you decorate a children’s room, are super easy to install and prove you don’t have to be a skilled artist nor rich enough to hire one to have a beautifully decorated home.

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