Pour Some Concrete into a Mold and Make These Gorgeous DIY Projects for Your Home ...

One of the more poplar craft materials available today can be found in the hardware store. I am referring to the ever-so-awesome concrete. The following are DIY projects that make use of concrete and/or cement. For those who are dubious about using this material, let me tell you that you have nothing to worry about. Cement is easy to work with and it is available in small packages. You can get a small bag and make something awesome with it. Take a look at the projects below and get your cement mixing on.

1. Stamped Coasters

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These DIY concrete coasters are incredibly pretty. Would you believe that they are easy to make, too? Making these coasters is simply a matter of making round molds and adding strips or cardboard teardrop pieces to make the patterns. You set your concrete and then let it cure for several days. Before using, coat the coasters with Mod Podge.

Source: the36thavenue.com

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