7 Pineapple DIYs That Are Sure to Make You Smile ...

For those itching to experience sunny days, the following fun DIY pineapple crafts should be enough to tide you over. These are so cute and cheerful, you will surely smile when you make them. Create some for your vanity and some for your mantel. Make some for seasonal entertaining and some for all-year yellow goodness. Hope you enjoy the following pineapple-themed craft projects!

1. Easter Eggs

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How cute are these DIY pineapple Easter eggs? You will need only paint, glue, and green card stock to make your own set of tropical eggs. To make your egg pineapples more realistic, make sure that the green card stock you have for the leaves come in a variety of sizes. For those who are not contented with the plain design, you can also paint β€œeyes” on your egg pineapples.

Source: studiodiy.com

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