8 Pieces of Baby Clothes You Can Sew Yourself ...

Looking to make something cute over the weekend? We suggest that you try your hand at making baby clothes. Even if there is no little human in your family, you can always give the baby clothes you make to friends and other relatives. You can even sell them online, if you like. Check out the following DIY baby clothes and have fun sewing!

1. Onesie Bubble Dress

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This is a pretty baby item that you can make using an old onesie. Recycling is highly recommended for crafty ladies with babies. And this pretty little project is one sewing idea that you shouldn't pass up. This involves attaching a bubble skirt part to the bottom of a onesie. The bottom area of this onesie-turned-dress was removed but you can leave it on as well if you're going for the faux skirt look.

Source: makeit-loveit.com

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