7 out-of-This-World Solar System Craft Projects ...

Solar System craft projects probably remind you of grade school science. While some of you may want nothing but to leave memories of said school subject behind, others may be in need of similar planet-themed projects today. So, we give you these fun DIY solar system crafts. Most of them are kid-friendly and can be constructed with the little ones' help. A couple, though, can be made for adults who simply love the Earth, the sun, and the other planets around them.

1. Hanger Solar System

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This is an easy Solar System craft project that your kids can help you make. The planets are made of Styrofoam balls and are painted. For Saturn's rings, metallic cardboard was used. To hang, screw rings were used. If you don't have any, you can always skewer the planets like beads and then hang using any string.

Tutorial Source: pysselbolaget.se

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