7 Original Christmas Gifts You Can Make Yourself ...

When you’re looking to make original Christmas gifts in this Internet age, it can seem like nothing is truly original. Everything’s been pinned and re-pinned a few hundred times on Pinterest, making it hard to find any handmade gifts that your recipient hasn’t already pinned to their own boards. These quick and easy original Christmas gifts, though, are sure to impress everyone you give them to, and you will have a blast making them!

1. Snow Day Survival Kit

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Let’s be honest: after Christmas is over, the only enjoyable aspect of winter is snow days. Make those glorious days even better by coming up with a “snow day survival kit” for the favorite people in your life. Stuff the kit with a soft blanket, comfortable socks, a hot chocolate mix, and maybe even a cookie mix, because what’s a snow day without a little bit of baking? Anyone you give this to is absolutely sure to love it. I’ve personally never seen anything like this, so it’s one of my favorite ideas for original Christmas gifts this year!

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