Nesting Doll DIY Projects to Keep You Occupied ...

Oozing whimsy and cultural appeal, DIY nesting dolls are fantastic craft projects. They come in different forms, too. Some are of the traditional variety, making use of blank wooden Russian dolls. Others come in the forms of wall art and hanging ornaments. They're made of materials other than wood and paint, too. Check out the following nesting doll DIY projects and drown in all the cuteness.

1. Painted Plain Dolls

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We start our list of DIY Matryoshka projects with an idea closest to the traditional pieces. You can get a set of plain Russian dolls from craft stores or on Etsy. They come in different size families and because they're blank, they make the perfect painting or decoupage project. This tutorial will give you great tips on how to go about making your own whimsical nesting dolls.


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