9 Must-Haves for Anyone Who Wants to Sew Bags ...

If you're looking to learn something new, craft-wise, we have here a list of must-haves for anyone who wants to sew bags. This is brought to us by Bethany, one of the wonderful bag-making bloggers I have included HERE. She is a lovely lady who makes and LOVES bags. She shares, “I’ve always loved bags of all kinds—cute little purses, totes, handbags, even dinky little change purses. Different sizes, different shapes, different colors—I love ‘em all. They’re easy to make, and by changing the material you can change the entire look of a bag—make a purse in satin and it’s fancy, make the same thing in patchwork with bright cottons and it’s totally adorable and maybe a little bit funky.” Do you find yourself nodding to the wisdom? Then listen up because she gives us her favorite must-haves for anyone who wants to sew bags.

1. Clover Clips

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These are some of the must-haves for anyone who wants to sew bags. According to Bethany, “these clips are absolutely perfect for holding together lots of layers” of fabric. Trust me, there are times when pins will do more harm than good in making bags so you turn to clover clips for help.

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