Multipurpose Uses for Hanging Shoe Organizers to Keep You in Order ...

Do you have make-up, hair care products, office supplies, craft supplies, or other supplies and have no room? This YouTube video has arrived! Find out what a hanging shoe organizer can do for you and your house, apartment, or dorm!

1. Make-up

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You can place lipstick with lipstick, eye shadow with eye shadow, etc. or color coordinate such as this lipstick with this eye shadow, etc. in each section.

2. Hair Care

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Place your headbands, ponytail holders, gels, spritzs, picks, brushes, dryers, etc. in their own compartments.

3. Office Supplies

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Do you have post-it notes everywhere? Rubber bands? Memo pads? Pens? No more mess. Your desk top is going to love you!

4. Craft Supplies

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Are you into crafts? One messy hobby. Fabric, glue sticks, glue guns, ribbon, artificial flowers, etc. Placing these items in a hanging shoe organizer is going to clear off your table!

Hang the organizer behind any door! How convenient is that?

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I hope I have helped you out! Happy organizing!

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