8 Lovely DIY Kindle Cases That Will Keep Your E-Reader Safe ...

If you're a crafty bookworm, you will probably enjoy making a DIY Kindle case. Not only are they great for keeping your e-reader protected from bumps, these craft projects are also wonderfully varied as far as style and construction go. Whether you like to sew or you're interested in a DIY Kindle case made of unique materials, you will find the perfect project here.

1. Leather Scraps

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Isn't this a beautiful DIY Kindle case? This was made using scraps of leather (from a thrifted jacket!) and printed fabric. The sides are finished French seam style and give the whole case a lovely utilitarian look. If you work with leather, you will most likely not have to worry about adding foam lining to your case. The material is sturdy enough.

Tutorial Source: deliacreates.com

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