7 Kitchen Designs That'll Make It the Hottest Room in Your House ...

I absolutely love seeking out hot kitchen designs. Is there anyone who doesn’t fantasize about their dream kitchen?! From huge pantries to amazing islands and automatic wine dispensers, everyone has a dream kitchen that they’d love if money was no object. The difficulty is balancing that dream with what you can really afford. Here’s some amazing hot kitchen designs to inspire you to do just that…

1. Plenty of Storage

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One of the essential features of hot kitchen designs at the moment is storage. From overhead cupboards to hidden closets and drawers, these rooms are designed to fit in everything you need. From this homey green kitchen to a minimalist black and white design, you can keep a professional, uncluttered look, and have somewhere to keep everything that you need. I love the photos on the fridge, too – it's a great way to add a personal touch to your kitchen.

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