7 Insanely Adorable DIY Miniature Books and Notebooks ...

If you love all things miniature, you will enjoy the following DIY projects. We have here a great number of tutorials for making your very own miniature books and notebooks. When we say miniature, we are talking about projects that are about one square inch (or smaller!) in size. The following DIY miniature books and notebooks are not simply for dollhouses. Some can be made into wonderfully whimsical accessories, too.

1. Make a Leather-Bound Necklace

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How beautiful are these DIY miniature books? The cover, as you can see, is made of leather scraps. The fun part is the weathered detailing, as shown by the edges of the cover and the title. You can achieve this using only gold permanent marker. Simply dab around the edges of the cover or draw some squiggly lines along the center. Smudge them for a vintage effect.

Source: rubymurraysmusings.blogspot.com

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