9 Incredibly Beautiful Anthropologie Knock-off Earrings You Have to Make ...

It is no secret that Anthropologie has a fantastic selection of gorgeous earrings. For a girl with a budget, though, these pieces are probably out of reach. Good thing there are many crafty gals out there who took it upon themselves to give us Anthropologie earrings DIYs. The following are perfect examples. These are great Anthro earrings knock-off projects that will give you pretty accessories on a budget. What could be more perfect than that?

1. Nisha-Inspired

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How pretty are these DIY Anthro earrings? With all the beads involved, you might think that these are difficult to make. You'd be wrong. These take a bit of time, though. But if you have all the materials you need, you can fashion a pretty pair while watching your favorite TV show.

Source: small-good-things.com

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