7 Home Decor Ideas That Make Your Space More Uplifting & Inviting ...

I love to change up the decor in my home, especially when it comes to simple home decor ideas that promote a more uplifting environment! With spring upon us and the freshness of warm, bright and floral accents everywhere we turn, it's easy to get into the mode of wanting to freshen up your living space. There are plenty of affordable, adorable and super simple home decor ideas that are easy to achieve while giving your space a new look! Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Spring Cleaning

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OK, I know this isn't a simple home decor idea, however I feel it's the first step when you want a change of scenery in your living space. This time of year promotes the dreaded, yet much needed, spring cleaning renewal of your home and collection of stuff. Spring time is all about new life and fresh beginnings, so before you dive into redecorating your home, think about deep cleaning it from top to bottom- getting rid of anything and everything you don't need or love anymore. A fresh start will open your creative side for home decor ideas and prepare you for adding life to your living space!

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