7 Hip Hobbies for Travelers ...

You could fill all the time you aren’t traveling dreaming about your next destination or reading about your next trip, or you could enjoy some hobbies for travelers. Hobbies for travelers not only keep your eyes on the prize, but also motivate you to keep a semi-permanently packed bag in your closet. They enrich your new travel experiences and help you create lasting and special memories from previous trips, and some you can even follow when traveling. They educate and edify and encourage you to keep on getting out into our amazing world. See if any of these hobbies for travelers appeal to you and would assuage your wanderlust between trips.

1. Travel Writing

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Probably one of the most popular hobbies for travelers, travel writing doesn’t only result in a great memento of your travels, but it might also enable you to earn some cash on the go. If you have an audience and some knowledge about making your written words work for you, travel blogs can elicit pay; or you can submit your content to certain travel publications. However, money aside, writing about your travels serves as a mental record of what otherwise might be too much of a whirlwind to later recollect. Without a permanent lens, a look back on your travels without any written account of them might be like opening your eyes underwater. Making note of travel experiences as they’re happening is a brilliant hobby for any nomad to have.

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