7 Helpful Tips to Use when Redecorating Your Bedroom ...

I find it easy to become bored with my bedroom pretty quickly, so if you're like me, I'd like to share some tips with you for redecorating your bedroom. A woman's bedroom is her sanctuary, as I see it. It should be cozy, calm, and inspiring. Though I love filling my bedroom with pretty things that make me feel at home, I also have to remember it's important not to overcrowd it. If you feel like your bedroom could use a makeover in some form or fashion, feel free to use some of these helpful tips for redecorating your bedroom. They're simple to implement, and they make a huge difference! Then, feel free to go to bed admiring your handiwork, and wake up in a brand new room!

1. Use Pattern and Color to Create Mood

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If a certain pattern just sends you over the moon, be sure you include it when redecorating your bedroom. For instance, do geometric designs or floral prints make you feel at home? Or, what about simple colors paired with minimal pattern accents such as simple white with embedded swirls or circles? My personal favorite includes classic neutral colors with a pop of classic leopard print in small pieces here and there. Take whatever pattern you enjoy, and use it to make your own headboard, or just buy a few simple pillows for your bed in the pattern instead. Even a simple flower vase or blanket throw is a great way to use a pattern in your room.

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