7 Gorgeous Place Mats to DIY for Your Summer Party ...

Planning to host a party this summer? We all know that every component of your table must be perfect. This means that you have to DIY new place mats for the gathering. We have here 7 ideas that are sure to make your get-together perfect. From simple sewing projects to some that will require painting, the following DIY place mats will help you earn that Best Hostess Award you've been coveting.

1. Use Floral Fabric

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This is, without a doubt, one of the easiest ways to make a DIY summer place mat. Simply get a yard or so of thick floral fabric and then cut round shapes. You don't have to finish the edges if you plan on using the place mats for one time only. For repeat uses, you can sew a bright bias tape along thecircumference.

Source: dreamgreendiy.com

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