7 Gorgeous DIY Bar Stools ...

So you are finishing your entertainment area and are looking to DIY bar stools. There are many ways to go about making your own bar stools. You can construct them from scratch. You can also buy cheap stools and refashion them into pieces of furniture that fit your aesthetics. Check out the many fantastic DIY bar stools below:

1. Distressed Look

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This DIY bar stool is an Ana White idea and that is basically a stamp of excellence. If you have been out of the loop for the past several years, Ana White is a DIY genius who offers carpentry plans on her blog. She offers one for these vintage bar stools, with the help of another creative lady. Head on over to her blog to see the materials and steps needed to make your own set. They made theirs with a distressed vibe but you can also finish yours with an even coat of paint.

Source: ana-white.com

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