8 Gorgeous Bowls That You Can Make Using Air Dry Clay ...

Air dry clay is probably one of the most awesome materials you can have in your DIY arsenal. Not only is it perfect for making cute sculptures (without the hassles of baking), it is also wonderful for forming beautiful bowls. Here we have 8 bowl designs made of air dry clay. Most of them are perfect for storing jewelry on top of your dresser. Some are great projects for serving treats at a kid's party. Let's check them out and happy bowl-making!

1. Bear Candy Dish

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Eeep, how cute is this DIY air dry clay bowl? The first step to making this cute bear bowl is to make your pattern. You can freestyle yours with any bear form you like. Yours can be a bear sitting down or in any position other than standing. You then form a bowl using this template. Let dry on top of a platter or a shallow bowl.

Source: aliceandlois.com

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