How to DIY the Most Breathtaking Leather Bags 👜😍❤️ ...

Leather is a great material to work with. If you're looking to make a classic piece for carrying things, you cannot go wrong with a leather purse or bag. To get you started, we have here a wide variety of leather tutorials. Some are for small purses while others will give you steps for oversized totes. Hope you enjoy the following DIY leather bags! For vegan friends, you can substitute leather with the faux type.

1. Fabric and Leather Clutch

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Isn't this beautiful? I love the combination of marble print fabric and icy blue leather. Aside from the leather and fabric, this tutorial also calls for heavyweight interfacing and button for closure. Since you will be working with leather, we recommend that you use clips instead of pins to keep the sections together for sewing.


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