10 Glitter DIY Projects to Add Sparkle to Your Life ...

Glitter DIY projects are a fun and easy way to add some spark into your everyday items and surroundings! You can easily add some oomph to your jewelry or shoes and of course you can create your very own one-of-a-kind glitter craft that shows off your personal style and skills! Try out some of these glitter DIY projects to make your belongings stand out and shine!

1. Cardboard Glitter Mustache Necklace

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One of the most loved glitter DIY projects is making your very own sparkly jewelry. And what makes this necklace stand out from other DIY jewelry tutorials is that you can create a lovely necklace out of cardboard! You can easily get your hands on some cardboard and you’ll just need glitter, a chain, mod podge and hairspray. If you’re over mustaches, you can make any shape of necklace you want you’re truly only limited by your own imagination!
Tutorial: ihaveadeer.blogspot.com

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