2. Liquor Bouquet

If you are running out of time and can’t think of a good enough gift, this one is remarkably easy and cheap to make, but it looks wonderful. Nearly all liquor stores have a pretty good selection of trial sized bottles of assorted liquors near the register. They are usually about 99Β’ each and you can get a package of wooden skewers at Dollar Tree. All you need after that is some adhesive and a flower pot, or vase as well as some foam!

Assorted Liquor Samples
Wooden Skewers
Adhesive (Glue dots or tape)
Flower Pot or Vase
Foam (Pool noodles (Dollar Tree) or floral foam work best)
Easter Grass or Paper Shred

Break skewers to suitable sizes.

Use your choice of adhesive to attach the bottles of booze to the skewers.

Cut your foam to fit inside your pot or vase.

Stick them in your pot or vase so that the shorter skewers are in the front and the taller ones are in the back.

Cover the foam base with the grass or shred.