7 Funky Geometric DIY Craft Projects to Try ...

I’ve seen some really cool home decor geometric DIY craft projects on Pinterest and blogs that can really make a difference in a simple and plain space. From funky wreaths for your wall to cool painted rugs to give your space a pop of color and pattern, the possibilities are endless! I can’t get enough of this trend and I bet you’ll be obsessed with it too, after seeing these creative geometric DIY craft projects.

1. Geometric Wreath

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There are so many amazing wreath tutorials out there for holiday decor and just because. From picture frame wreaths to round yarn filled ones, there is something for everyone. But, I bet you have never seen a geometric wreath like the one over on vintagerevivals.com before! Blogger Mandi has some pretty cool geometric DIY projects on her page, heck she loves them so much she incorporated them in her blog design. I love the way the white wreath looks on the black paint, it is such a classic look that will last longer than just when the trend is hot.

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