7 Fun DIY Temporary Tattoo Ideas ...

DIY temporary tattoos are all the rage right now. They are great items to have on hand in any gathering. They're great for bachelorette and birthday parties. DIY temporary tattoos also make for fantastic giveaways and gifts. To open your eyes to the world of temporary tattoo goodness, check out the following free templates.

1. Sailor

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How cute are these DIY temporary tattoo designs? These have a sailor theme and closely resemble real skin art. To transfer these designs to your skin, you will need tattoo paper and wet washcloth. You will need to print the designs on the tattoo paper first. You stick the adhesive sheet to the paper and rub over the designs. Cut the tattoos and then peel the plastic layer. You then place the tattoo over your skin, rub with wet cloth, and then peel the paper.

Source: spaceshipsandlaserbeams.com

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