7 Fun and Incredibly Crafty Things That You Can Make Using Twigs ...

If you love crafting with nature, you will want to look at these creative things to make using twigs. These are also fantastic for those who like to get crafty without spending a lot of money. After all, you can simply step outside your house and you already have half of the materials that you need. I hope you enjoy this list of things to make using twigs. Happy crafting!

1. Jewelry Organizer

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One of the beautiful things to make using twigs is a jewelry organizer. Not only is this a great DIY project, it's a wonderfully simple recycling idea as well. You will need only a strip of leather, S-shaped hooks, and a twig to make this fun DIY. Make sure that the twig is sturdy enough to keep your jewelry up.

Tutorial Source: themerrythought.com

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