7 Fun and Creative Paper Bag Crafts for Kids ...

When your kids are home on holiday vacations or just bored on the weekends, paper bag crafts are something simple and inexpensive they can enjoy. From making puppets to something much more creative like a paper bag garland, your kids will have fun for hours. They can use paint, scissors, glue, and glitter to make their paper bag crafts stand out among the rest. Continue reading for paper bag craft ideas you may not have seen before…

1. Paper Bag Flowers

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Who would have thought that your kids would be making flowers as one of their paper bag crafts? I must admit, I have never seen this idea before finding it for my list, but I adore these paper bag flowers, not just for your kids, but for rustic centerpieces, and wedding boutonnieres as well! Blogger Angelina over at jojoandeloise.com has a great tutorial with five different ways to cut your flowers. So adorable!

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