7 Fishing and Fish-themed Craft Projects for the Home and for Your Kids ...

If you've been dreaming of warm weather activities in the middle of winter, these fish-themed DIY projects are here to tide you over. We have here a mixed bag of fishing craft projects. Some are for keeping your kids entertained while there are also a couple that you can turn into accessories for the home. I hope you enjoy this list of fun fish-themed DIY projects!

1. Magnetic Fish

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This fish-themed DIY project is something that you probably remember from your childhood. It's similar to a carnival game that may or may not have taught you the value of patience. To make your handmade version, you will need fabric, round magnets, hot glue, string, and craft eyes. Make at least half a dozen of these fishes and watch the kids go crazy trying to catch some.

Tutorial Source: nadinekaren.blogspot.com

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