7 Fantastic and Crafty Ways to Infuse Your Home with Union Jack Décor ...

For those who love all things Britain and British, we have here fun DIY Union Jack home décor projects. Most of these DIY Union Jack home crafts are beautifully functional, others are purely for decorative purposes. They all add a bit of culture and heritage to any room, though, so you will want to give one or two of these a try.

1. Paint a Headboard

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A headboard is probably one of the more popular DIY Union Jack projects that you can do. This is because a flag project basically calls for a rectangular piece of wood and there really are not a lot of places in your home where such piece of wood can be used. As you can also see, the DIY Union Jack project that you do for your home doesn't have to come in hues of red, blue, and white.

Source: theplumednest.com

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