2. Wire Racks

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These awesome wire racks are good for so many things it’s unbelievable! My favorite use for them, thus far, is storing my hair products, lotions and body sprays. For YEARS my husband has complained, rightfully, that I take up all of the counter space in our bathroom, but I use so many things on various days that even when I put them away in drawers, they ultimately end up back on the counter again. Wire racks for the bathroom come in all sorts of styles and sizes, and mine have finally led to a harmonious bathroom for us. I have two sets, with two tiers. They are stacked on top of each other on my bathroom wall and they hold absolutely all of my beauty products. They are the perfect height, and they are deep enough that I can usually fit two bottles front to back, but not so deep that they take up too much space. Everything is off of the counter, yet all of my stuff is out and ready to grab when I’m rushing around in the morning, so everyone is happy!

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