7 Fabulous DIY Ideas for Your Dorm ...

DIY ideas for your dorm aren’t hard to find, but finding the perfect one for you may be. College dorms come bland and boring, practically begging for you to spruce them up! Once you find the right one for you, you can use one or all of these DIY ideas for your dorm to help make it a home!

1. Marquee Letters

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One of the simplest DIY ideas for your dorm is a word or name made out of marquee letters. You can light up your room and feel like a superstar when you decorate your walls with marquee letters. To make marquee letters, all you’ll need as a large cardboard letter, which you can get from your local craft supply store, an X-acto knife, string of lights, and pencil. Greylikesnesting.com has a great step-by-step tutorial for making adorable marquee letters, so check it out and get started decorating your dorm!

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