9 Elegant and Stylish DIY Envelope Clutches Perfect for Your Next Date ...

DIY envelope clutches are some of the more popular fashion projects today. This is because they're trendy and, most of the time, so easy to do. Even if you have very little sewing skills, you will not find these envelope clutch projects daunting. And don't worry, attaching zippers isn't as hard as it looks. So let's get down to business and check out these darling DIY envelope clutches.

1. Printed Fabric

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This is a beautiful sewing project that will give you a nice DIY envelope clutch. The basic materials that you will need for this are the pattern, fabrics for the lining and outer section of the bag, fusible interfacing, and a button. To construct, you cut the main and lining pieces following the pattern, fuse the interfacing to the main fabric, sew into an envelope shape and for closure, sew a buttonhole and a button.

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