7 Easy Organization Tips for Keeping Your Closets Super Neat ...

There are many overflowing closets in my house so easy organization tips are something I’m always on the hunt for. With three kids and two adults (plus two dogs and multiple fish) there’s always something getting crammed into the nearest closet. That means that when I open them, stuff inevitably slides out everywhere, making me say bad words. So here are some easy organization tips that can keep you and me both happy.

1. Add Shelves

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Installing shelves is one of my favorite easy organization tips. It’s super easy to get them in there and they give you loads more space to keep things in place. Use shelves for clothes in your bedroom closet, towels in the linen closet or canisters and boxes in your pantry closet. Paint the shelves so they match your closet space and are easy to wipe down.

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