7 Delightful Dollar Store Crafts to Try Now ...

There are a ton of dollar store crafts that can turn seemingly cheap products into a stunning treasure! If you’re planning any sort of celebration such as a wedding reception, baby shower or birthday party, the dollar store is the place to hit up for some amazing décor and centerpiece ideas! If you’re looking to spruce up your home, you’d be surprised at what you can make using a few select purchases! These dollar store crafts are easy and cheap to make, so jump right in!

1. Cupcake Stand

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This is one of the most useful dollar store crafts you can make. I call these cupcake stands, but really, you can use them for anything! Pop one on your bathroom counter to store your jewelry, one on your dresser as a catchall for your trinkets or use it as a cupcake/pastry or appetizer serving tray! They’re so cheap to make you can have several of them in various sizes all over your house to help keep you organized! All you need are 3 plates and 2 candle holders, that’s a total of $5 for such a cute and functional craft! Lay one plate down and use a strong glue to affix the first candle holder. Lay the second plate on top, followed by the second candle stick and then the third plate. You can use plates that are all the same size or a trio of gradually smaller and smaller plates. You can even use mirrors, which most dollar stores carry in various sizes!

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