7 DIYs with Newspaper You're Going to Love ...

DIYs with newspaper might not be anything new, but I wanted to show you some great projects that might be new to you. Making a craft project with old newspapers is not only fun, it’s cost-effective and you’re reusing old material that you’d otherwise be tossing to create something new and beautiful. Don’t spend another afternoon bored when you can create one of these super fab DIYs with newspaper right now!

1. Wordy Lampshade

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DIYs with newspaper also allow you to make some awesome “inspired by” pieces that you can use to spruce up a room in your house or give as a gift. This Wordy Lampshade was inspired by Anthropologie’s Well Defined Lamp Ensemble. This would make a great lampshade for a home library, office or just about any room in the home of a bibliophile!

Tutorial Source: apartmenttherapy.com

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