2. Painters Tape Art

For this awesome abstract artwork, all you need is a paintbrush, whatever acrylic paint colors you choose, a canvas, and some painter's tape! First, use your paint colors and canvas to create an abstract painting of your choice. Experiment with your brush strokes and color combinations until you find a look you love! Once you've covered the canvas, let it dry for a few minutes. Then, cut roughly same-sized strips of painter's tape and apply them to one side of the canvas in a staggered pattern. Make sure to leave an even amount of space between each strip to keep your pattern consistent. Continue across the canvas, creating a design that looks like rows of stacked arrows. After you've covered your canvas, use your paintbrush to paint over the canvas in white paint, being careful not to disturb the tape strips in the process. Once you've finished painting, let the canvas dry fully. Starting at the sides of the canvas, carefully remove the strips of tape to reveal your painting underneath!