12 Creative DIY Projects to Bring Fall in Your Home ...

By Ashlee

12 Creative  DIY Projects  to Bring Fall  in Your Home  ...

Fall is here and that means you're probably looking for DIY projects to bring fall into your home. You can try any of these ideas to warm up your home and prepare for guests. Bring warm autumn colors and nature elements into your home and enjoy the season for several months. Here are some of the best DIY projects to bring fall into your home.

1 Decorate with Fruit

One unique way to decorate your home is with different types of fruit. Country Living recommends a pomegranate arrangement. “Cut each branch to a height that allows its heavy fruits to rest on the rim of your vase.” By bringing nature into your home you are making your home stand out. “Rustic, natural elements continue to be a popular choice for setting your table apart from the pack,” explains HGTV. This is one of my favorite DIY projects to bring fall into your home.

2 Wreaths

Warm up your front door with a wreath. You can gather leaves and wood from your yard and craft your own wreath design.

“A ‘Happy Fall’ wreath made of wood slices and twigs turns your front door into a beautiful fall entrance,” says Country Living.

3 Use Pumpkins as a Centerpiece

There are several different designs and functions for pumpkins. HGTV advises a centerpiece be “composed of pumpkins, gourds, acorns, nuts and pitted succulents and herbs.”

4 A Pop of Color

You can also place these pieces in a bright room and match them with bright plates and a bright tablecloth. “A blue-and-white plaid tablecloth and unadorned white dishes are a perfect fit for the table’s earthy theme,” states HGTV.

5 Banners

Another fun way to show your feelings for the fall is to make banners. Your banners can say things like “Give Thanks”, “Autumn”, “Happy Halloween”, or even “Happy Thanksgiving”.

6 Hand Written Signs

Another personal touch that can add to your space is a handwritten note on a chalkboard.

7 Frames

Another craft project is to design your own wood picture frame.
You can “fill it with a fall-themed quote, or put a favorite family photo in it,” says Country Living. When putting the frame together, you can paint it to stand out against the other colors in your room.

8 Make Personal Table Cards

Add more to your table and use personalized table cards.
You can make your own cards at home and turn it into a fun craft project. Party favors can also be attached to the name tag, as HGTV suggests.

9 Use Pillows and Blankets

Another way to make your guests feel at home is to lay out blankets. Guests staying in cold places will appreciate the comfort. “Find throws with different textures and colors for a bit of visual variety,” Country Living suggests.

10 Table Runner

HGTV states, “embellish a thrift store or hand-me-down tablecloth with strips of burlap or linen for a chic, budget-friendly update.” Have fun choosing patterns and adding material to your tablecloth. The update will give your table a fresh new look.

11 Decorate with Leaves

If you live in a place where leaves fall, bring them inside the house for crafts. Country Living explains, “collect fallen leaves from your backyard and turn them into a beautiful piece of art.”
Embrace the variety of leaf colors and use them in your design plan.

12 Use Photos

When thinking about the holidays and visiting with loved ones, it is important to use memories to also make them feel welcome. Pull out pictures and mementos that you and those you love can enjoy and reflect on. “Create a wall gallery so everyone can enjoy a sentimental stroll down memory lane,” HGTV says.

No matter your decorating style, these fall looks are sure to make your house festive.

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