7 DIY Projects for Mommies ...

"DIY": A term every handy man, furniture store owner and many more shudder to hear, and yet new DIY projects for mommies and other everyday, untrained people continue to surface constantly! Even though the professionals would wish you to believe that you need their help to do everything, and that you need to buy the latest gadgets, gizmos and decor to be "trendy," it simply isn't true. There is a wealthy of possibilities to make you house a stylish and still save hundreds of dollars! As a "DIY mom," I love to collect easy DIY projects for mommies such as myself, and now, I'm here to share with you some of my favorite ones!

1. Wipe Cases or All Purpose Tools?

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If you are the mother of a "plentiful pooper" like I am, than you have had many wipe cases come through your house, am I right? Well, before you throw away your next one, try one of these DIY projects for mommies that use wipe cases. The possibilities are endless! You can decorate them and use them as grocery bag holders, crayon and pencil boxes and as organizers for small items around your house. You can also use them as first aid kits for your vehicle and extra snack boxes for each of your children on trips. The little plastic opening part on the soft wipe containers make great doors for cardboard houses for your little girl! And, it turns out, they come in handy for yarn separation and storage... ribbon too!

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