7 DIY Phone Stands and Docks That Are Amazingly Clever ...

There are many crafty ways to create DIY phone stands. For those in a β€œmaking” mood, we give you here 7 that are all sorts of clever. Some will require power tools while others are simple gluing projects. These also cover different styles. Whether you want a plain DIY phone stand or something that's oozing cuteness, there is a tutorial here that will help you out.

1. CDs

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This is a great DIY phone dock idea for crafty guys and gals who love to recycle. Using a stack of CDs, glue, and your charger, you will be able to make your own unique stand/dock in no time. You can also fashion a base for your phone if you feel that it stands quite precariously on top of the CDs.

Tutorial Source: geeky-gadgets.com

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