DIY ✂️ Floating Storage 🗃 for Organization That Doesn't ❌ Take up Tons of Space 🏡 ...

Are you a woman with no room for anything? Well, this YouTube video is coming to the rescue!

All you need are some dollar store crates, some command strips (or nails) and voila!

Watch this!

Published on Aug 7, 2018

Is this simple or what?

I know she used command strips, but I would much rather use nails. However, that is just my opinion.

Now, you can free up space from having tons of makeup, hair care products, toiletries, books, DVDs, journals, craft supplies, etc.

You can grab the crates, command strips and nails for a couple of bucks. This will make your living space so mucn more neat. No more clutter and everything is going to be organized.

Short, sweet and to the point! Make your woman cave a sanctuary instead of a dungeon.

Thank you for watching!

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