9 DIY Faux Taxidermy Craft Projects That Are Far from Creepy ...

DIY faux taxidermy, you ask? As the name suggests, these are animal-themed crafts of the fake variety. These are not real mounted hunting trophies. These DIY faux taxidermy projects are inspired by those but they're not gory or creepy. In fact, they are all sorts of cute, especially the ones of magical creatures. Hope you find them crafty and inspirational!

1. Wire and Newspaper

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For this faux taxidermy craft project, you will be building an armature first using chicken wire screen. If you have never worked with making sculptures before, you will want to have a template of some sort for your animal head. Once your armature is ready, you then cover the whole thing with crumpled and Mod Podged strips of paper.

Tutorial Source: designsponge.com

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