2. April (or March) Showers Bring May Flowers

I know that this is not technically a wreath, but it serves the same purpose and I think it’s a unique and purely adorable idea! It can be done extremely cheaply and it will look just darling on your front door! I mean, what better symbol for spring is there than rain?

You will need:
An old umbrella or a new cheap one (preferably in a spring color)
Long stemmed fake flower
Some sort of stuffing (plastic bags, Easter grass, paper shred, anything you have on hand)

Décor items (pictured are eggs in nests, but anything will do…birds, butterflies, etc)

Halfway up the closed umbrella, tie a bow with the ribbon.
Fill the remaining portion of the umbrella with whatever filling you choose.
Position the long stemmed flowers and décor items however you would like.

Simple, easy and sweet!

Source: bhg.com

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