17 DIY Crafts to Create for Saint Paddys Day ...

By Jennifer

17 DIY Crafts to Create for Saint Paddys Day ...

Who doesn't love St. Patrick's Day? I know I do, and no, it has nothing to do with the celebratory drinking of green beer. Ick! No, I love the holiday for all its fun DIY crafting opportunities! Here are a few DIY St. Paddy's Day ideas to inspire you to get crafty!

Table of contents:

  1. shamrock garland
  2. leprechaun trap
  3. treat bags
  4. leprechaun candy hugger
  5. photo booth props
  6. paper shamrock
  7. rainbow shamrock
  8. east felt shamrock
  9. sham-drops
  10. shamrocks wreath
  11. table runner
  12. gift tags
  13. string art
  14. wood sign
  15. button clover
  16. polka-dot banner
  17. clover crown

1 Shamrock Garland

Shamrock Garland You could use this in so many fun ways!

2 Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Trap How cute is this?

3 Treat Bags

Treat Bags For handing out those tasty little gold-wrapped chocolate coins.

4 Leprechaun Candy Hugger

Leprechaun Candy Hugger In case you only want to hand out one coin per little saint.

5 Photo Booth Props

Photo Booth Props These props would make any St. Paddy's party even more fun!

6 Paper Shamrock

Paper Shamrock Just a few strips of paper, and you've got a cute craft.

7 Rainbow Shamrock

Rainbow Shamrock So cute and colorful!

8 East Felt Shamrock

East Felt Shamrock You could make a headband, a brooch, a necklace... the possibilities are endless!

9 Sham-drops

Sham-drops Okay, they're not a craft, but they looked so yummy, I had to share anyway.

10 Shamrocks Wreath

Shamrocks Wreath This is very simple and sweet!

11 Table Runner

Table Runner No-sew? I think I can manage, then.

12 Gift Tags

Gift Tags I love crafts with buttons!

13 String Art

String Art This looks like it's totally kid-friendly.

14 Wood Sign

Wood Sign I'm doing this one today... it's going to be so cute!

15 Button Clover

Button Clover Another button craft... I do love buttons!

16 Polka-dot Banner

Polka-dot Banner This just looks like fun!

17 Clover Crown

Clover Crown Oh my gosh, how pretty to wear on St. Patrick's Day!

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