9 DIY Cocoa Mix Ingredients to Keep You Warm This Christmas ...

If you’ve ever seen those cute, dry, pre-made cocoa mixes that people give as gifts, I’d like to share with you how to make your own DIY cocoa mix. I like to give these as gifts, but you can also just keep the mix at home for anytime you want a hot cocoa drink. These mixes do make fun gifts to hand out during Christmas, or the winter in general. These DIY cocoa mix gifts are really easy to make and you can customize them however you want. Grab some creativity, and make a list of these ingredients. Then, just head to the store, get your supplies and package these cocoa mixes up for someone special. All they’ll have to do is add water to make it when they’re ready to drink it up!

1. Cone Shaped Bags

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First of all, to put your DIY cocoa mix into a pretty, clear package for a nice display, you’re going to need a cone shaped bag. You’ll put ingredients into the bag in layers so it looks nice and pretty. The cone shaped bags are a prettier way to display the treats than just a regular Ziploc baggie, which can look cheap and tacky, and while I love my Ziplocs, I don’t want to give them away as gifts!

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