Dipping Bags and Purses in Dye Will Give You These 7 Fabulous DIYs ...

Itching to try dip dying? If you don't know where to start, we suggest making one of the following bags, purses, or cases. Since these are made of fabric, they will be the easiest to dip dye. Make sure that you prepare more than one plain tote or purse, though. We're certain you will end up making several dip dyed bags or purses to keep and to give to friends.

1. Treat Bags

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If you want to start small as far as your dip dying adventures go, you can't go wrong with these treat bags. You will need to buy these small drawstring bags from the craft or party store. They are likely available by set. You then dip dye the bottom (or top, if you prefer) using dye mixed in a small bowl. Let dry and use for giveaways or small gifts.

Source: designmom.com

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