2. Peppermint

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Who doesn't like the taste and smell of peppermint? The great thing about peppermint is that it is so cooling to the skin and makes for a great aromatherapy. This recipe by Beautylish is quite simple. All that's needed is peppermint oil (of course), a carrier oil of choice, beeswax pellets, and lipstick shavings (for color). An Altoids mint box can be used to place the mix in. Your friends will definitely be shocked when they expect mints to be in your tin, but instead find this delicious peppermint lip balm.

1 tbsp. beeswax pellets/pearls
6 to 8 squirts of peppermint oil (or according to preference)
2 tbsp. of a carrier oil for dilution
Shaved red lipstick pieces for tint

Mix the ingredients in a bowl or jar and heat the mixture in the microwave or over the stove. You can add the lipstick shavings after removing it from the heat. Finally, pour it in a little container of choice and wait for it to solidify.

Source: beautylish.com

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